May 8, 2012

Athmanatheswarar Temple - Detachment from world events

 Human life is made of both happy events and unhappy events.If there is only happy events, one will not come to know the other side of life.Every one has to meet the both sides of life.When sad events take place more times, one's mind deviate from world events.This lead to birth of  unattached state.

A temple called athmanatheswarar temple situated in a place called thiruvalampolil in thanjavur district is said to be a nice place to get this mental state of cosmic bliss.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old. Amman is  called gnanambigai.

Durgai here is said to be very powerful.Dhakshinamurthy here is called as metha dhakshinamurthy.This temple is situated on the way to thanjavu to kandiyur via thirukattupalli at a distance of 17 kms.

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