Apr 17, 2012

Thenupureeswarar Temple - Navayoga Nayagi

Vishnu durgai is so famous in epics and she is a special god installed specially in some specific temples as ragu dosha, ketu dosha and sevvai dosha are removed by worshipping her.

A special temple is there for vishnu durgai in thanjavur district in a place called patteeswaram.Lord siva here is called as pateeswarar and amman is called as palvalai nayagi.This temple is said to be more than 2000 years old.

During Rahu kalam on sunday, tuesday and friday, amavasai, full moon day especially in  ashtami and navami tithi vishnu durgai is specially worshipped for removing ragu, ketu and mars dosha.Bairavar here is worshipped during theipirai ashtami as bairavastami poojai is conducted.

In tamil month of karthigai lord siva here is worshipped with 1008 sangabishegam. This temple is said to be very old temple as durgai amman here is said to be very powerful.

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