Apr 7, 2012

Neelakandeswarar Temple - For reunion of couples

In this fast paced world separation between two people who are married becomes a common one.It may be due to various social, psychological,physical and medical reasons.Due to this family becomes divided and relationships are affected.

Sometimes external situations force couples to live separately longing for each other inside their heart.For those who want to reunite with their partner, one should visit neelakandeswarar temple which is situated in a place called thiruneelakudi in thanjavur district.This temple is said to be more than 2000  years old.

Sesame Oil pooja for lord siva is so famous such that even if large vessels of sesame oil is poured on lord siva it is absorbed in to the idol itself.Separated couples worship lord siva here for a reunion.

This temple is situated in kumbakonam to karaikaal at a distance of 15 kms in thiruneelakudi.Two ambals are here.They are called as anubamasthini and bhakthapistaprathayini.

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