Apr 19, 2012

Mullaivananathar Temple - Karbaratchambigai

For every married women birth of a child is considered an important one.Every women expect the birth of her child to be normal.Unexpectedly sometimes normal delivery will be difficult due to external factors.Sometimes pregnancy will be difficult.

Married women who want to safeguard their children during child birth can visit a special temple called mullaivananathar temple situated in a place called thirukarugavur in Thanjavur district.This temple is said to be 2000 years old.Amman is called Karukatha nayagi.

Ghee is offered to the steps before amman and special drawings are drawn as prayer by unmarried women to get married and married women to get a child.Married women are advised to eat little bit of ghee which is a prasadam offered in amman temple for 48 days to get pregnancy.

This temple is situated on the route of kumbakonam to pateeswaram via aavur.Thulabaram is given here by people whose prayers are answered.

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