Apr 30, 2012

Sage Agathiar's advise about Marriage Jewels

Sage agathiar's advise  about marriage jewels

  1. In one's marriage, thirumangalyam is a very important material and certain rules should be followed while designing it.One should ask jewel maker to come to his house on an auspicious day which is not a chandrasthma day, astami or navami.During brammamuhurtha gold should be changed in to a form suitable for making thirumangalyam and after that thirumangalyam should be designed.
  2. If one is buying thirumangalyam jewel for marriage, it should be noted that the date of purchase is good for the marrying couples. Then it should be kept in pooja with prayer in temples for the cosmic bliss.Then only all the negative influences will be removed.
  3. People who are performing pooja shoild pray with the thirumangalyam jewel facing east direction and then only should give it to the bridegroom.It should be kept separately without any sweat affecting it till muhurtham to avoid negative energies being absorbed. 
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