Mar 3, 2012

Viruthapureeswarar Temple - For removing sevvai dosham

 People in this world are having different types of blood groups and if there is any need for blood for medical purposes, blood with blood group prescribed by the doctors for treatment is requested. If the blood with specific blood group is not given it leads to extreme situation.

Couples who are having sevvai dosham are advised to marry people with sevvai dosham due to this specific reason only and it is scientifically proved one.A temple called viruthapureeswarar temple situated in thirupunavasal in pudukottai district is said to be giving  remedy for people who are having sevvai dosham.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

Speciality of this temple is circumferance of the lingam situated in this temple is bigger than tanjore pragadeeswarar temple.Kanchi sri chandrasekarendra saraswathi swamigal had visited this temple several times.One has to travel 30 kms  from pudukottai to aranthangi first and from there one has to travel 42 kms to reach thirupunavasal 

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