Mar 6, 2012

Aathirathineswarar Temple - For venus dasa

Venus is related to beauty,jewels, luxury,money,women and  children.People who are having venus in a good position in their birth chart along with other good planetary combinations will get all above things during venus dasa. 

People who have debilitated venus will have difficulty in marriage, money and children.A temple called aathirathineswarar temple situated in a place called thiruvadanai in ramanathapuram district is said to be a good remedy.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

People who are running venus dasa or bhukti can get things related to planet venus by doing sukra homam for amman . Amman here is called snegavalli.Temple is situated at a distance of 100 kms from madurai on the way to thondi.

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