Feb 18, 2012

Vaithyanathar Temple - Cure for 4448 types of diseases

For living a healthy life people use modern day medicines.But in ancient times people used to go to temples prescribed as per ancient shasthras and for all of them, there is a place described as head of temple for medical purposes.

A temple which is situated in vaitheeswaran kovil in nagapattinam district is so famous such that all types of diseases get cured if one come here and worship lord siva. An oil called punugu is given for external useto cure skin diseases.Santhanam and thiruneeru offered to lord muruga during midnight pooja is said to be very useful for curing diseases.One had to take bath in sithamirtha theertham as 18 types of water having medicinal value is there.

Specially this temple is a good place for sevvai dosham as one has to pray lord muruga here to reduce bad effects of mars.Thirusanthurandai, a medicine which is a mix of soil,water,neem leaf, santhanam and thiruneeru is a cure for 4448 types of diseases.

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