Feb 29, 2012

Vaaimoornathar Temple - For going to heaven

Old age is a predestined one for every living being in this earth.People in this modern world are not planning for their old age and everyday one can see the day to day happenings in life of old people. 

A temple called vaimoornathar temple situated in thiruvaimur in nagapattinam district is provoding dome relief to the devotees in a special way.People who come and worship lord siva in the form of vidangalingam which is very small in form here are offered a good, healthy, happy olden days and heaven after their end of life.

Navagraga's are in a straight line here.Ashta bairavar is another special here.This temple is situated at a distance of 25 kms in the route of thiruvarur to vedaranyam.

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