Feb 23, 2012

Thirumeniyalagar Temple - For changing destiny

Destiny can be described as predefined one and usually it is often sighted as a reason for good things or bad one's.People are not at all having the same life and everyone find an good things that can be seen in other person's life.

If one's life is not good and termed as a living being having a poor destiny written before one's birth, one can visit a temple called thirumeniyalagar temple situated in a place called mahendirapalli in nagapattinam district.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

One has to take bath in bramma theertham and worship lord siva and amman to get his destiny changed with charismatic face.Lord siva is called thirumeniyalagar and amman is called vadivambigai.One has to go to kollidam from seergali at a distance of 12 kms and from there one has to travel 10 kms to reach this remote place.  

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