Feb 13, 2012

Sivaloganathar Temple - Remedy for nagadosha

In one's astrological chart planets partially get caught in to ragu and ketu and people who are born in that time find it hard to move up in life.It is called nagadosham.Delay in job, career and marriage are common for these people.

A temple called sivaloganathar temple in thirupunkoor in nagapattinam district is offering remedy for people affected by naga dosha and poorva jenma dosha.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Lord siva is two forms.One in the of pancha linga and another as putru.For removingnaga dosha people worship pancha lingam and sivaloganathar in putru form.Every moday at night 8:30 pm, a material called punugu is used for decorating it.Gold form of snakes are given as offer to lord siva to remove naga dosha.  

For Poorva jenma dosha people offer pancha archanai to lord siva, amman, lord vinayaga, lord muruga and sage agasthiar.People offer sarees to amman as an offer to their fulfilled prayers.Amman is called saundarya nayagi.Temple is situated at a distance of 3 kms in west direction.Direct buses are available from seergali and mayiladuthurai.

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