Feb 8, 2012

Sayavaneswarar Temple - For victory over enemies

People in this world suddenly find a hard situation that are unpleasant created by their unknown enemies or known friends acting as well wishers.Mental strength is needed in that hour.90 percent of people make sudden uncertain decisions that collapse their life.

People who want to win unknown enemies can visit a temple called sayavaneswarar temple situated in a place called sayavanam in nagapattinam district.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Speciality of this temple is that people who want courage worship lord shiva and amman here and people who want to win over their enemies worship lord muruga who is with a bow wearing a ornament called veerakandaramani in his right foot.The temple is situated in the route of seergali to poombugar at a distance of 20 kms. 

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