Jan 12, 2012

Navaneetheswarar temple - For controlling your enemies

Every people in this world does not possess the same amount of name, fame and money equally and when money goes in to the wrong mind, it begun to play in the lives of other good people.This creates an imbalance in this world which belongs to all.When every thing goes out of hand, people surrender to almighty. People who doesn't want to suffer  in the hands of wrong minded one's can visit a temple called navaneetheswarar temple situated in sikkal in nagapattinam district.

This temple is so famous as lord muruga had got his weapon from goddess parvathi to kill demon surubadman.Amman here is called shakthiyaayathatchi.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.
One had to travel 4 kms from nagapattinam in thiruvarur route to reach this temple. Those who want to safeguard themselves from their enemies can pray to lord muruga by doing "chathru samhara thiri sathai" archanai. 

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