Dec 29, 2011

Tringme - Phone or Message simply

TringMe is a one stop solution for making calls, sending SMS and scheduling conferences from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. User can use Tringme's web-based phone, install it on one's mobile or use it from one's instant messenger like Gtalk.

Once user have signed up, user can login and make calls anywhere in the world directly from user's browser.Using a device of user's choice, user can even make calls from laptops, tablets, mobile phones and instant messengers.

By Installing TringMe onto users mobile phone, user can start making and receiving calls using his mobile internet without spending extra money. If user and user's friend are both using TringMe application on the phone, user can talk for free using TringMe application.

User can call everybody and conference them anytime,anywhere in this world.SMS can be sent from PCs, Mobiles, Instant Messengers at the lowest rates.User can receive calls using TringMe application on his mobile for free and can pay the same rate for placing calls anywhere in the world - Visit it for more details

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