Dec 1, 2011

Sri Prathyangiradevi temple - for getting lost job

   In Ramayana epic it is said that during war with sri rama, ravana who kept mother seetha in ashogavanam  lost all his armymen.Only indrajit, son of  ravana was there and to win the war against rama, indrajit  conducted an yaga for sri pratyangira devi, who had originated from lord sarabeswara. The yaga is called as nigumbala yaga and eventhough  indrajit was a regular devotee of sri pratyangira devi, he was not blessed as he was doing it for an evil thing. So sri pratyangira blessed rama who fought for the good and the truth.

A temple in a place called ayyavadi in thanjavur district is doing nigumbala yaga where sri pratyangira devi is the main deity.One has to go to uppiliyappan kovil in thanjavur to kumbakonam route and from there one has to travel 3 kms to reach this temple.

Nigukmbala yaga only supports people who are doing it for truth and for good causes.It is done from 8 am to 2 pm in amavasai day.Red chilli is poured into the yaga kundam in several hundred kilograms.People participate in it for getting lost job, for removing obstacles from enemies, for removing money related problems, for getting marriage and for good business.    

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