Dec 9, 2011

Sangameshwarar kovil - Remedy for KULIGAN dosha

  Saturn has a son called kuligan and it is also called as Manthi (மாந்தி).If maanthi is in 3,6,10,11 in one's astrological chart  it will be favourable.If it is in other houses in one's birth chart one cannot expect any favour.

There is a temple called sangameshwarar temple in bhavani in erode district.he temple is 15 kms from erode.In this temple lord siva is called as sangamshwarar and ambal is called as bhavani.his place is also called as padmagiri.During tamil month of AADI, during 18 th day, kaveri river is worshipped as kaveri amman and special pooja is conducted by women for their family welfare.People with kuligan dosha should worship Kuligan in this temple to rectify it.

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