Dec 9, 2011

Nagakanniyaman Thirukovil - for Ragu Ketu dosha

If one has to become rich suddenly, one has to pray to ragu and if one has to  get gnanam, one has to pray ketu.Due to placements of ragu or ketu in places like 1,2,5,7,8 one's life will be affected.Up to certain age one cannot get his reward for his work.To reduce this one has to do ragu ketu worship.A temple situated in a place called Thumbur in villupuram district seems to be a good place for worshiping ragu and ketu.

The temple is called as Nagakanniyamman temple and is situated in thumbur.To reah thumbur one has to first reach thumbur crosssroad which is 10 kms away from  vilupuram in vilupuram to chenchi route.From there one has to travel 2 kms to reach thumbur.As it is a remote place it is better to take a rented vehicle from villupuram itself. 

Specialty of this temple is the head  of snake statue's head is in one place, body is in another place and tail in another place which is 10 kms away from the main temple.

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