Dec 5, 2011

Kodeeswarar thirukovil - for getting free from yama

Every human being do some sin knowingly or unknowingly and yama, god of death with the help of chitragupta punishes human beings after death.There is a shrine in a place called thirukodikaval in thanjavur district which offers remedy for sins of human beings if they come and pray lord siva.Direct buses are available from kumbakonam and one has to board kuttalam bus via veppathur to kanchanur  and have to get down at thirukodikaval bus stop to reach the temple.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

The shrine  is said to be having 1008 siva's around it.One has to take bath in kaveri river in tamil month of karthigai in sunday morning   and have to worship the lord to clean his sins.One cannot change the destiny. But can reduce its effects if one come and pray here.Those who are affected by planet saturn come and pray here.

Lord yama, god of death is said to be bound by siva's order in such a way that he cannot carry one's athma after death if he takes bath, meditate amd pray lord siva.Mantras are said to be given mukthi by lord siva in this place.


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