Dec 31, 2011

Kaayaaroganeswarar - For avoiding bad things in future

Everyone in this world do some wrong things in their daily life and in their life time they are affected by their sins.Various troubles come their way and if one wants to get away from the troubles and to do some good things in future, there is a temple called kaayaaroganeswarar temple situated in nagapattinam.

Amman here is called as neelayathatchi as her eyes are in blue color and lord siva is called as sundara vidangar as it refers to his beauty.Amman here is in a state before marriage called yavana paruvam.Nandhi is seen with ambal as a guard as ordered by lord siva.Nandhi is called as rettai nanthi as nandhi's one eye looks at lord siva and another eye at amman.

Speciality of this temple is a sithar called aluguni sithar had got blessed by amman here and his jeeva samathi is here.As aluguni sithar had got bliss from amman by crying like a child, he is fondly called as aluguni sithar.   

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