Dec 8, 2011

Avinasiyappar Thirukovil - For becoming ever famous personality

 Every people born in this world needs recognition from childhood. If there is no recognition there is no new innovations or new things.Recognition leads people to work hard to become a famous  personality.Personality is something that's build upon the thoughts of others around him in his family or working environment.Famous personalities develop themselves from time to time that may indirectly keep them active in their family and professional life

Those who are famous should be longing to be a ever famous personality.For those people who want to be ever famous personality, a temple called sri avinasiyappar temple in avinashi  is there for worship.The temple is situated 13 kms from thiruppur on the way to coimbatore. One should pray lord avinashi lingeswarar to attain the ever famous personality. 

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