Virutcha Shasthra - Mercury Dasa - General remedies

  Mercury dasa is the dasa period that comes after saturn.If Mercury is in places like 6,8,12 or in a debilitated in rasi or amsam or exalted in a retrograde state in one's astrological chart, one will be affected during mercury dasa or bhukti.

To avoid problems caused by Mercury, one has to plant according to karungali maram (Diospyros tupru ) according to virutcha shastra.It is கருங்காலி மரம்  in tamil.

The plant has to be planted on wednesday morning in mercury hora from 6-7 in the morning. Before one day of plantation, little bit of green gram should be immersed in water.After plantation the green gram should be served to the plant.The green gram should be given to goat.The karungali tree can be planted on river sides. 


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