Nov 22, 2011

Virutcha Shasthra - Ketu dasa - General remedies

          If planet Ketu is in places like 2,7,8 or debilitated or with debilitated planets in rasi or navamsa in  one's astrological chart, according to virutcha shastra one has to plant red mantharai (Bauhinia purpurea) to avoid ill effects caused by ketu.

Some ill effects are searching for a new job, using of unwanted alcoholic substances, separation from family, loss of assets,affected by hepatitis and breaking of bones due to accident. To avoid it red mantharai plant has to be planted on first saturday during the starting of ketu dasa, from six to seven in the morning in saturn hora.Before one day of plantation little bit of horse gram is immersed in water and should be kept in a vessel made of lead.After plantation horse fram water should be given to the plant and  horse gram should be give to cow. 

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