Nov 17, 2011

Veera anjaneyar - Remedy for electricity related problems

Electricity became an inseparable, needy  stuff in our day today life.Fast paced life need electricity and almost 80 % of work depend on electricity in this world.Household things are operated only using electricity.For those who are facing severe electricity problems in their houses or if their family members  are working in electricity department, there is a temple to safeguard them from any unwanted problems as it involves everyone's life.The temple is called as veera anjaneyar thirukovil.

The temple is situated in kalambur which is on the way to aarani from bolur.It is in thiru annamalai district.The temple is said to be 500 years old.The idol of sri veera anjaneyar is 23 feet in height and in anjalihastha pose (folding hands).

People around aarani who are working in silk work submit the first piece here to get good price.People who are making sculptures, idols worship the lord to blees them to finish their work perfectly.   

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