Vaithyanatha swamy thirukovil - Remedy for severe stomach pain

 From children to elder people at least once in a life time people suffer from severe stomach pain due to various reasons and mainly it may be a symptom of a unhealthy body.For people who suffer from acute stomach pain, there is a temple that provides relief. The  name of the temple is sri vaithyanatha swamy temple which is said to be more than 1000 years old situated in madavarvalagam in viruthunagar district on the way to rajapalayam from srivilliputhur.It is 2 kms away from srivilliputhur. 

The specialty of this temple is that siva had played 24 thiruvilayadalgal here.Another specialty of this temple is if pregnant women come and pray to lord to get child through normal birth, it is done by the lord.

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