Thirukameshwarar temple - Remedy for Gold dosha

People do different business for their survival in this world.People who are in selling gold and silver buy gold from small entrepreneur.Those people who make ornaments from gold and silver are affected by dosha according to ancient shastra.For removing it, one has to come here and worship Thirukameshwarar and sivakama sundari amman. The temple is situated in a place called vellur which is situated 32 kms away from trichy in trichy to salem route via gunaseelam and musiri.It is 5 kms away from musiri in east direction.
This temple is more than 1000 years old.

Sri mahalakshmi had installed and worshipped lord siva here.This temple is a parigara sthalam for sukkiran (venus).This temple is also a remedial place for separated couples who want reunion.   


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