Ramanathar Thirukovil - Rameshwaram

One of the famous temples in south india is Ramanathar temple in Rameshwaram.The temple is famous for several reasons.This is one of the best places to give pithru tharpanam.This temple is having one of the 12 jothirlingams.People first take bath in dhanuskodi and then in 22 theerthams.  

 22 theerthams are
1.mahalakshmi theertham
2.savithri theertham
3.gaythri theertham
4.saraswathi theertham
5.sangu theertham
6.chakkara theertham
7.sethu mathava theertham
8.nala theertham
9.neela theertham
10.kavaya theertham
11.kavatcha theertham
12.kanthamathana theertham
13.brammahathi vimosana theertham
14.ganga theertham
15.yamunai theertham
16.gaya theertham
17.sarva theertham
18.siva theertham
19.sathyamirtha theertham
20.chandra theertham
21.surya theertham
22.kodi theertham

Near kodi theertham, famous twin vinayagar temple is situated.People offer prayers here to get children and to get rich.Sage Pathanjali attained samathi here and pooja is done for naga dosha nivarthi.The third pragaram in this temple is world famous.

Spadiga lingam installed by adisankarar is in moolasthanam of this temple.This temple is one of the sakthi peedam called as 'sethu peedam'.This temple is one of the best place for brammahathidosham. 

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