Tiruchengode arthanareeswarar Temple - Remedy for Naga dosha

  There is a temple in Tiruchengode which serves as a remedy for Naga dosha, Ragu dosha, Kalasarpha dosha  and Kalathira dosha.The temple is called as arthanareeswarar temple.The Temple is situated in a hill in tiruchengode.The hill is believed as Lingam and  nandhi is installed before it.The temple is more than 1000 years old.

Couples who want to live very bondingly come and pray here.It is said to be very beneficial if one comes around the hill where the temple is situated on Full moon day as it is believed that it gives the benefit of coming around kailayam and sri vaigundam.

A 60 feet naga idol is installed on rock here and people pray here to remove all kinds of naga dosha.This is one of the two temples in tamilnadu  having siva and shakthi as one in the form of  sri arthanareeswarar.

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http://www.arthanareeswarar.com/Default.asp - visit this link for more details


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