Sri Kaligambal - Sri Chakra Nayagi

  If any one is unable to visit Thiruannamalai arunachaleshwarar temple or kanchi kamatchi amman temple, one can visit sri kaligambal temple in chennai, thambu chetti street to get the blessings of sri annai kaligambal. It is said famous king shivaji had visited this shrine on october 3, 1677.Maha kavi bharathiar regularly visited this shrine.Sri adisankarar had installed sri chakra in this shrine.

Sri chakra is installed here as arthameru and annai sri kaligambal bless the devotees from artha padmasana pose facing west side which is a  special one. The temple is said to be constructed according to vaastu and actor rajinikanth is a regular visitor and devotee of annai sri kalaigambal.

Sri mahalakshmi and saraswathi are said to be eyes of sri kaligambal. Sri kanchi kamatchi amman is said to be one of the 12 amsam of sri kaligambal. 


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