Sri Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil - Siddharkadu

  If people are affected by multiple issues like illness,poverty,marriage and prosperity a visit to Sri Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil will solve the issues totally. Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil Thirumanam is one of the finest examples for Shiva and Vishnu Sangamam.  Main Entrance of the Lord Shiva temple has Dasavatharam Sculptures.This temple dates backs to 13 th century A D.

This ancient temple of Shiva has many carvings of various Siddhars in the mandapam and all around the temple supporting the fact that this temple is being worshipped by Siddhars. This temple is a Parihara temple for people born in ‘Swathi’ star. - For more details visit this link.


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