Oct 31, 2011

Virutcha Shasthra - Saturn Dasa - saturn bhukti

   The first sub period in saturn dasa is saturn bhukti.To avoid problems caused by saturn, one has to plant Mangifera indica (mango tree) according to virutcha shastra.It is called மாமரம் in tamil.

The plant has to be planted on first saturday morning in saturn dasa saturn bhukti period.Before one day of plantation, little bit of sesame seeds should be immersed in water.After plantation the sesame water should be served to the mango plant.The sesame seed should be given to buffalo.The mango tree can be planted on the backyard of the house and on temple premisis. 

Oct 28, 2011

Virutcha Shasthra - Saturn Dasa - General Remedies

   If planet saturn is placed in places like 2,7 and 8 in one's astrological birth chart or if planet saturn is debilitated or in vagra state or combined with malefic planets one had to do remedy for avoiding problems caused by planet saturn.

According to virutcha shastra, one has to plant Tamarindus indicus to get benefits from planet saturn.It is called as pulia maram (புளிய மரம்) in Tamil. The plant has to be planted on first saturday of saturn dasa period from six to seven in the morning.

The plant can be grown in road sides, end of a village and on backyard of a house.Before one day of plantation,little bit of sesame seeds  should be immersed in a silver vessel or pot vessel.After the plantation is done, the sesame seed water is served to the plant.Sesame seeds should be given to buffalo.    

Oct 25, 2011

An excellent book about Stars from Vikatan publications

  Every person born in any one of the 27 stars.Every star has four parts and if planets travel through them the results differ from person to person.Astrological placements, astronomical data, bio data, mantras and characteristics of all 27 stars are published in a book by vikatan publications. It is  written by eminent astrologer Dr K.P.Vidyatharan. The book in tamil is called as natchathira palangal ( நட்சத்திர பலன்கள்) .

Oct 24, 2011

Ashta Bairavar - aaraglur - Remedy for all problems

Kasi is so famous for bairavar worship and ashta bairavar can be found and worshipped  in kasi as it is extremely beneficial. For south indian people, travelling to kasi is not that easy.For those who want to worship ashta bairavar in one place in south india, a temple serves as a boon.The temple is called kamanada eswarar temple.It is situated in Aaragalur , near thalaivasal in salem district of Tamilnadu.

Every ashtami after full moon special pooja is done at midnight in aaragalur.People worship ashtabairavar here for all problems to get easy remedy.

Ashta bairavars are
  1. unmattar
  2. ruruvar
  3. krodhanar
  4. kalasamharar
  5. sandar
  6. ajithangar
  7. beeshana bairavar
  8. kalabairavar 

http://www.tamilhindu.net/t1545-topic  - click for more details

http://jaghamani.blogspot.com/2013/03/blog-post_127.html - related post about bairavar in tamil

Oct 22, 2011

Hirudayalesswarar Temple - Remedy for Heart problems

 In this polluted world, heart problems are on the rise and 50 % of world population remains affected due to environmental pollution.Some people are affected from birth itself due to malnutrition.

For those who are affected in heart hiruthayaleeswarar temple in thirunindravur in thiruvallur district serves as a remedy.It is situated at a distance of 33 kms from chennai to thiruvallur route.Doctors who specialized in treating heart diseases come here and pray lord every monday to give better treatment.The temple is more than 1000 years old.

Oct 21, 2011

Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation

Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service - Simran

Indian Railways’ launched Simran project (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation) that involves digital mapping of stations.

The Rs. 100 Crore project, in partnership with IIT Kanpur enables passengers to know the exact position of a train by sending an SMS. The GPS device will help tracking down the exact location of the train and also monitor the train’s speed.

The project Simran is now live (http://simran.in/) and user gets train position by send SMS to any of the following mobile numbers.

SIMRAN: Data Available

The data this service offers is:
  1. Train Speed
  2. Closest Station , Next Stop.
  3. Train status (Late/Before Time/Approaching).

SMS Format

You can send SMS to 09415213409 or 09415213493 with the following format:

T 2004; {To know the current location of train 2004}

Oct 19, 2011

Brammagnanapureeswarar Temple - Remedy for Stopped Brain Growth

    For some time during the birth of a child, one cannot know about the health condition of a child.For 2 or 3 years parents also have to wait to ensure the new born is healthy in all aspects. For some children brain growth is not normal and it lag behind every other child of the same age.There is a temple called Brammagnanapureeswarar that provides  relief   for people affected by this problem. The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

The temple is situated in a place called keelakorukkai in thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.This is also a parigara temple for people having avitta nachatra as their birth star.It is said to be beneficial for people who do adiprathachanam in such a way that leg prints are imprinted on the soil. 

Oct 18, 2011

Sri Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil - Siddharkadu

  If people are affected by multiple issues like illness,poverty,marriage and prosperity a visit to Sri Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil will solve the issues totally. Dhathreeswarar Thirukovil Thirumanam is one of the finest examples for Shiva and Vishnu Sangamam.  Main Entrance of the Lord Shiva temple has Dasavatharam Sculptures.This temple dates backs to 13 th century A D.

This ancient temple of Shiva has many carvings of various Siddhars in the mandapam and all around the temple supporting the fact that this temple is being worshipped by Siddhars. This temple is a Parihara temple for people born in ‘Swathi’ star.

http://www.sitharkadusivantemple.com/index.html - For more details visit this link.

Oct 17, 2011

Tablet Curry - For choosing right Tablet PC

  A tablet personal computer or tablet PC is a tablet-sized computer that also has the key features of a full-size personal computer.Every week new Tablet PC's hit the market and people are getting confused. Tabletcurry provides a simple and effective solution for people searching for a right tablet PC. 

Sri Kaligambal - Sri Chakra Nayagi

  If any one is unable to visit Thiruannamalai arunachaleshwarar temple or kanchi kamatchi amman temple, one can visit sri kaligambal temple in chennai, thambu chetti street to get the blessings of sri annai kaligambal. It is said famous king shivaji had visited this shrine on october 3, 1677.Maha kavi bharathiar regularly visited this shrine.Sri adisankarar had installed sri chakra in this shrine.

Sri chakra is installed here as arthameru and annai sri kaligambal bless the devotees from artha padmasana pose facing west side which is a  special one. The temple is said to be constructed according to vaastu and actor rajinikanth is a regular visitor and devotee of annai sri kalaigambal.

Sri mahalakshmi and saraswathi are said to be eyes of sri kaligambal. Sri kanchi kamatchi amman is said to be one of the 12 amsam of sri kaligambal. 

Oct 15, 2011

Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple - Vedapuri

People in this world suffer due to various problems in their life. First they lose their mental peace as a effect of pressure to solve their problems.Sri  kapaleesawarar temple in chennai, mylapore which is more than 1000 years  old serves as a remedy for all people who are in need of mental peace.

Lord siva who is residing here blesses devotees with peace of mind.Umaiammai worshipped lord shiva by taking the form of peacock.Lord muruga has got his shakthivel in this place only.This place is also called as vedapuri as four vedas worshipped lord siva here.This place is also called as sukkira puri as sukkirachariyar worshippped lord siva.This is the birth place of Valluvar who wrote thirukural .

Ambigai is called as karpagambigai as she blessess the devotees like a karpaga tree, a tree known for boon giving habit to the people who are in need.

read jagamani's blog for more information about this temple.

Oct 14, 2011

Sri Malaikoluntheeswarar Kovil - Remedy for Paralysis

 Several people are affected suddenly by severe diseases like paralysis  and their life is shattered. For those who need remedy from paralysis, a temple called malikoluntheeswarar kovil provide relief. The temple is said to be more than 500 years old.It is situated 25 kms away from sivagangai and bus facilities are said to be rare.

There is a separate temple called as umasagitha murthi on the left of malaikoluntheeswarar sannithi which has Lord siva and parvathi as a newly married couple having lord siva's hand tied with  parvathi.women pray here for special bonding with their husband here.

Those who are affected by paralysis make a archanai to malaikoluntheeswarar and worship him with vilva leaf to get relief from the disease.

Oct 13, 2011

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple - remedy for guru dosha

   If planet Jupiter is placed in unfavourable places or debilitated, in one's astrological chart it may give some hurdles in studies, marriage, child birth, health and wealth.For those people, visiting tiruchendur murugan temple  especially during gurupeyarchi and kanda shasti will be extremely beneficial. lord muruga resides here as gnana guru.

Dakshinamoorthy is called as gnanaskantha moorthi in this temple.Because dakshinamoorthy idol is situated above tortoise,ashta nagam,ashta yanai and metha hill. on the backside of the idol, 4 vedas are in the form of 4 parrots.

Lord muruga in this temple is connected to mumoorthigal siva,brahma and vishnu.Because muruga is siva's amsam. Lord Muruga  locked up lord brahma for not expaining OM mantra's meaning and teached OM mantra's meaning to lord siva himself and killed surabadma and married mahavishnu's daughter.   

Lord muruga killed surapadma on tamil month of aipassi, on valarpirai shasti thithi  and that day is celebrated as kanda shasti. As this temple is situated near sea it is extemely beneficial for people who are facing untold difficulties.

Oct 12, 2011

Tiruchengode arthanareeswarar Temple - Remedy for Naga dosha

  There is a temple in Tiruchengode which serves as a remedy for Naga dosha, Ragu dosha, Kalasarpha dosha  and Kalathira dosha.The temple is called as arthanareeswarar temple.The Temple is situated in a hill in tiruchengode.The hill is believed as Lingam and  nandhi is installed before it.The temple is more than 1000 years old.

Couples who want to live very bondingly come and pray here.It is said to be very beneficial if one comes around the hill where the temple is situated on Full moon day as it is believed that it gives the benefit of coming around kailayam and sri vaigundam.

A 60 feet naga idol is installed on rock here and people pray here to remove all kinds of naga dosha.This is one of the two temples in tamilnadu  having siva and shakthi as one in the form of  sri arthanareeswarar.

For more details in tamil visit jaghamani's blog.

http://www.arthanareeswarar.com/Default.asp - visit this link for more details

Oct 8, 2011

Sage agathiar about Bairavar worship

 The people who are unable to go to kuladeiva temple,who are not fasting according to rituals, who are not giving pithru tharpanam are affected by doshas of several kinds.for curing this dosha, sithars prefer bairavar worship as the remedy.

Agathiar, a sithar prefer bairavar worship as the remedy for pithrudosha. Agathiar had also described the places for bairavar worship. according to agathiar nadi, kutrala bairavar is kala bairavar,  aragalur bairavar is ashta bairavar, cholapura bairavar is bairavasheswarar, athiaman kottai bairavar is kala bairavar, tiruchengode bairavar is bairavanatha moorthi, iluppai kudi bairavar is bairava murthi, kundada bairavar is kongu vaduganathan, sirgali bairavar is satta vaduga nathar. Bairavar in thirukurungudi is worshiped daily by lord vishnu, lord brahma, indra and nine planets  according to agathiar nadi.

Worshiping bairavar on friday night is said to be very beneficial for cure of all diseases.If one do bairava pooja one can achieve name and fame.worshipping bairavar using sevarali flower or red flowers along with wheat payasam on sunday ragu kalam wiill bring lost material wealth for devotees according to agathiar nadi.

Jagamani's blog provides more information about swarna bairavar in illpaikudi.

Oct 7, 2011

Surya kodeeswarar Temple - Remedy for eye problems

  People who are affected by debilitated or improper placement of planet sun in their astrological birth chart are affected by eye problems.For those people there is a temple called Surya kodeeswarar Temple, situated in a place called keelasuriya moolai, 15 kms away from kumbakonam.It is in the route of Kumbakonam to Thirulogi via kanchanur.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

A swarna bairavar idol installed is so special here such that when worship is done with lamps, a small red light appears in neck of bairavar.By worshipping this bairavar, one can get relief from eye diseases and money related problems.

Oct 4, 2011

Significance of Letters

   There are several languages that are written and spoken by people that differ according to their living place, growing environment and geolocations.There is a special thing about Tamil language, one of the official languages of india.Tamil language differs from others.Tamil langauge is made of 51 letters.When one practice kundalini yoga step by step with the help of a guru for bringing one's natural energy to a high spiritual level, sounds are produced.These sounds are described in the form of letters called Panchakkara letters.According to sithars, God resides in these letters.Tamil language is made of these 51 panchakkara letters. If one wants to get a blessing of a guru, one has to practice poem thirumanthiram daily morning. As thirumanthiram is written in tamil, which is made of panchakkara letters, it will automatically cures one's mind and body spiritually and helps to attain a higher level . So even if one speak tamil language properly it will be a good for one's mind and body.If one chant Om mantra or Rama mantra regualrly, benefits attained cannot be described in words.

for more details please visit 


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