Sri valampuranathar Temple - remedy for curse of women

People who are cursed by women in previous births face similar treatment in this life.Some families lost their good life within 20 years of time if they are not properly disciplined by elders.For those people especially male's who have ragu and venus combination in their birth chart or  venus and ketu combination in a female's chart, visting melaperumpallam sri valampuranathar temple 24 times is important to remove the curse caused by female's in this birth or previous birth.Those who are having this astrological planet combinations and running ragu dasa or venus dasa visiting this temple is a must.

minimum one has to visit 6 times and on atleast on one friday in ragu kala, one has to light 108 ghee lamps and has to chant omsivasivaom mantra by sitting on yellow cloth specially used for chanting mantra's before sri valampuranathar to get rid of women's curse.

If visiting this temple on week days is not possible, one can visit it on 24 sundays and can light 108 ghee lamps  from morning 11-12am or 4.30 to 6.00 pm.     

One has to go to melayur on the way to  poompukar from mayiladuthurai. From there one has to go by auto to visit this temple.

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