Sri kambagareshwarar Temple - Remedy for Court cases

In today's world people are often dragged in to court cases even if they don't want it as it is wasting time and their reputation.Some cases would run for years cleaning all valuble time , money and property.For ending all this there is a temple called kambagareshwarar temple.It is situated in a place called Thirupuvanam in Thanjavur district.It is said to be 1000 years old.

 There are several specialities in this temple.Daily saraba homam is done here.Lord sarabeswara is in a separate temple. The idol of the diety is 7 feet in height.If one prays to Lord sarabeswara, one will get remedy from several doshas including graha dosha, dosha in astrology birth chart, thirusti dosha and  problems caused by enemies.Specially court cases that seems to be going for years will come to an end.People with mental illness can get also cured here.  

The ambal is called as Dharmasambarthini.Because she protects dharma.If one prays to her, she will help in reunion of separated couples and child birth.

Lord sarabeswara is a combination of lord siva,vishnu,pratyangira devi and sri durgai.So sarabeshwara is very powerful.One has to light 11 lamps first and come around lord sarabeshwara 11 times for 11 weeks for allover wellness immediately.Rudra abhisegam is also done here.Sunday ragu kalam is beneficial to offer a prayer to Lord sarabeswarar.    



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