Sri Brahadeeswarar Temple - excellent indian architecture

      Temples in India are examples of Indian architecture.There is a temple in Thanjavur called Thanjai periya Kovil.It is built in such a way that the shade of top of  rajagopuram does not fall on the ground.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

 The temple is in pyramid shape.sage chandigeswarar who will be in every siva temple as guard is having largest and separate temple here.Here in place of navagragas navalingam is present.The temple is listed in the list of UNESCO's great living chola temples.

The moolavar is so big as it is 13 feet and 54 feet circumference.The top circumference is 23 feet in circumference.There is the big lingam in world.Ambal is in 9 feet height and nandhi is 12 feet in height. 

 Varahi amman temple here is special as she is one of the saptha maatha and head of ambal's forces.sri raja raja chola's victory lord is varahi amman.Mainly court cases are solved if people pray to varahi amman.Marriage delay, child delay, job issues are also said to be solved if one pray's to varahi amman.



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