Elutharinathar Thirukovil - Remedy for continuing school education

  Every one wants good education for their children for their well being to come up in life.Due to fate some may break up education in middle of their school term or unable to join school due to various circumstances. For them there is a temple called elutharinathar thirukovil in a place called innampur in thanjavur district of tamilnadu.It is situated 8 kms from kumbakonam in kumbakonam to thirupurampayam route.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.Sage agasthiar was educated by lord for grammar in this place.

 Children come here before their school admission to pray to lord. children who are weak in speaking and uneducated are trained by writing with paddy in their tounge.especially if this is done during navarathiri it is said to be giving great benefits.

 The ambal here is called nithya kalyani and women pray her for early marriage.another ambal called sugantha kundala ambal is also there.women who are willing to live alone.Sun rays are falling on the idol of lord during tamil month of panguni  13,14,15 ,aavani 31 and purataasi 1 and 2. The lord is also called as atcharapureeswarar.


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