Sep 30, 2011

Sri valampuranathar Temple - remedy for curse of women

People who are cursed by women in previous births face similar treatment in this life.Some families lost their good life within 20 years of time if they are not properly disciplined by elders.For those people especially male's who have ragu and venus combination in their birth chart or  venus and ketu combination in a female's chart, visting melaperumpallam sri valampuranathar temple 24 times is important to remove the curse caused by female's in this birth or previous birth.Those who are having this astrological planet combinations and running ragu dasa or venus dasa visiting this temple is a must.

minimum one has to visit 6 times and on atleast on one friday in ragu kala, one has to light 108 ghee lamps and has to chant omsivasivaom mantra by sitting on yellow cloth specially used for chanting mantra's before sri valampuranathar to get rid of women's curse.

If visiting this temple on week days is not possible, one can visit it on 24 sundays and can light 108 ghee lamps  from morning 11-12am or 4.30 to 6.00 pm.     

One has to go to melayur on the way to  poompukar from mayiladuthurai. From there one has to go by auto to visit this temple.

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Sep 29, 2011

Sri Pasupatheeswarar temple - Pancha Bairavar

People who are visiting temples regularly with good thoughts in mind  also struggle sometimes with problems related to pithrudosha.If one has pithrudosha, even though one has talent he will not prosper in job.For those people there is a temple called Pasupatheeswarar temple which is situated in Aavur situated in a distance of 15 kms from kumbakonam on the way to pateeswaram.

The speciality of this temple is five bairavar's are here for worship called as panchabairavar. Bairavar worship itself is better. Panchabairavar is a lot better.Panchabairavar is worshipped specially during 8 thday  from the day of full moon (theipirai ashtami). 

Sri Aabathsagayeswarar temple - For better relationship between Father and Son

 Sugreeva, vaali's brother prayed to lord siva to save his life from his brother.Lord siva changed sugreeva as a bird(annam) and his wife as parijatha tree to save them from Vaali.As lord siva saved sugreeva, he is called as aabathsagayeswarar.The amman is called as prabalavalli.The temple is situated in aaduthurai, 14 kms from kumbakonam on the way to mayiladuthurai in tanjavur district.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

If one wants good relationship between him and his son, he has to pray to this lord.Lord hanuman got back his music skills by worshipping this lord.

Sep 22, 2011

Sri karkodeswarar temple - for reunion of couples

 There is a special temple for people who want to unite and live happily if they are separated due to problems in marital life before or after marriage.This temple is also a parigara sthalam for ragu,ketu and saturn dosha.The temple is called sri karkodeswarar kovil.The temple is situated in a distance of 25 kms from thiruvayaru in thanjavur district.

  Lord shiva destroyed husband of rathi when he disturbed lord siva during his penace.The husband of rathi is said to be given life by lord siva in this temple in an answer to prayer of rathi.Head of snakes karkodaga is said to be given life by lord siva when all other snakes are killed by maha raja pareetchit through kala sarpha yaga in a bid to save his life.  

Apoorva anjaneyar - remedy by arulvakku

  Rama nama parayana is lord hanuman's favourite and if one recites rama nama , it is said he will be present there to give his blessings. Near vasisteswarar temple in thenkudithittai where lord guru is in the form of  raja guru , there is a navaneetha krishnan temple in which lord anjaneya who is said to be giving beneficial results instantly for their problems for the devotees through arulvakku - answering through archagar.

People worship lord anjaneya by writing sri rama jeyam 108 times or 1008 times and submit it as a garland for getting well in exams like IIT and IIM. 

Vasishteswarar Temple - Remedy for good speech and marriage

   If one have to clear first round interviews in school or college one has to give a good speech.If one has marriage problems or guru placed in seventh house alone one has to do remedial measures.For all this things there is a temple called sri vasishteswarar temple which is situated in a place called thenkudithittai in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old. The temple is situated on Thanjavur - Melattur Road on the way to Thirukkarugavur, at the 10th km from Thanjavur.

The guru here is in standing pose and is called as Raja guru in a separate temple.This temple is a panchalinga shetra.An unique feature of this temple is a drop of water falls on the Lingam  exactly every twenty four minutes from the roof.The Surya Kantha and Chandra Kantha stones on top of the ceiling in the top absorb moisture from the air and drop as water drops on the lingam every 20 minutes. 

Sep 19, 2011

Sri Kailasanathar temple - remedy for Polio

  If a child is born without any physical and mental problems it is a gift.In olden days children often lost their life by a virus attack which is called polio which made the children as handicapped. After medicine was found for polio, number of people affected is reduced. 

For polio affected people there is a temple for worship.The temple is called as sri kailasanathar temple and it is situated in a place called koonancheri which is situated 4 kms from swami malai on the route to vaikavur.The temple is said to be more than 500 years old. 

Kasi viswanathar temple - Remedy for safer flight journey

  People in this world often travel for various purposes. Businessmen often travel through air for saving time.All people want safer journey in whatever transport they are making a journey.For safer air travels there is a temple called Kasi viswanathar temple which is situated in sivakasi in viruthunagar district.The temple is said to be 500 years old.

 People often pray this lord to get mental peace.It is said that if one worships this lord for 11 weeks continuously safer journey to foreign countries is assured.People who are unable to go to kasi visit this temple.

Sep 16, 2011

Yoga nandheeswarar Thirukovil - Remedy for non commited sins

   If one is blamed by women for mistakes that one had not commited, then one has to visit yoga nandheeswarar thirukovil. The temple is situated 8 kms  from kumbakonam on the way to suriyanar kovil via veppathur.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

 On the south side of outerwall a sun clock which is 700 years old can be seen.A half circle is drawn and time from morning 6 to evening 6 is marked.A copper pin is in the middle and sunlight falls on this pin to show the exact time.This serves as a proof for the scientific knowledge gained by tamil people in olden days. 

Sri Vanadurga parameswari Temple - Remedy for stopped marriage

  Marriages are said to be made in heaven.But nowadays marriages are stopped midway during marriage ceremony for unexplainable reasons. For those who are affected like this things, there is a temple for worship.It is called Vanadurga parameswari thirukovil. It is situated in a place called Kathiramangalam and  is  situated 26 km distance from kumbakonam and 10 kms from suriyanar kovil in the route of kumbakonam to mayiladuthurai. 

 Devotees make archanai to get remedy in various issues by using different flowers like senthamarai for money, malligai for peace, sevvanthi for debit clearance, sevvarali for united family, manoranjitham for reunion of couples, marikolunthu for union of relationships, sembaruthi for business, roja for marriage. 

 The durgai here is faced towards east and is said to be so auspicious.Sage agasthiar installed this durgai and sage mirugandu worshiped this durgai.Poet kambar used to pray vanadurgai regularly and once she had covered his house with paddy during heavy rain. 

Elutharinathar Thirukovil - Remedy for continuing school education

  Every one wants good education for their children for their well being to come up in life.Due to fate some may break up education in middle of their school term or unable to join school due to various circumstances. For them there is a temple called elutharinathar thirukovil in a place called innampur in thanjavur district of tamilnadu.It is situated 8 kms from kumbakonam in kumbakonam to thirupurampayam route.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.Sage agasthiar was educated by lord for grammar in this place.

 Children come here before their school admission to pray to lord. children who are weak in speaking and uneducated are trained by writing with paddy in their tounge.especially if this is done during navarathiri it is said to be giving great benefits.

 The ambal here is called nithya kalyani and women pray her for early marriage.another ambal called sugantha kundala ambal is also there.women who are willing to live alone.Sun rays are falling on the idol of lord during tamil month of panguni  13,14,15 ,aavani 31 and purataasi 1 and 2. The lord is also called as atcharapureeswarar.

Sep 13, 2011

Sri kadan nivartheeswarar - Temple for debt relief

People are often burdened by debit.Mainly one runs bad  period debit burden become inevitable.Everyone wants a remedy to get rid of debt . A temple called Kadan nivartheeswarar temple which is situated in a place called Thirucherai offers a helping hand for the devotees.The temple is situated 15 kms from kumbakonam on kumbakonam to thiruvarur road.The lord siva here is also called as udayar, senneriyappar and sara parameswarar.

 There is also a lingam which is installed and worshipped by Markandeya called Runavimochaneswarar lingam which is in outer pragaram.Worshiping the lord here is said to be very beneficial for people who want to be debt free.Every human born in this world is debt to lord,rishi and pithru.To clear this one has to worship this lord.One has to visit 11 consecutive monday's to get rid of debits.As this is not practically possible one can register all names of family numbers for archana that will be performed for 11 mondays.Cost for this is rupees 165.Abishegam for lord siva  is done with 11 different materials.

On 13,14,and 15th of Tamil month of Masi Sun ray's fall directly on shiva lingam.After praying runa vimochaneswarar one has to pray mahalakshmi and jyestadevi to be debt free for rest of his life.Navagraga dosham is also said to be cured if one pray to the lord here.

Sri Karkadeswarar Temple - Remedy for Cancer

 In today's world people are facing several type of new problems in the form of diseases. One of the common diseases caused by smoking is cancer.Even though modern treatments are there for cancer common people cannot afford it as some type of symptoms for cancer occur only in advanced stage.

For those people there is a temple called karkadeswarar temple in a place called Thirunthudevankudi in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.The temple is locally called as Nandu kovil in Tamil language.The temple is situated 11 kms in the route of  kumbakonam to suriyanar kovil One has to go thiruvisanallur and then from thiruvisanallur one has to go 2 kms to reach this temple.It is in Thiruvidaimarudur taluk

Lord siva is called as noi theerkum sivan and amman is called as arumarunthu nayagi. Two amabal idols are here.The other amman is called as apporva nayagi.  

Sep 9, 2011

Sri Prasanna venkatachalapathi Temple - remedy for mental depression

   In today's fast paced world depression is a common thing among people.Due to depression people struggle to make right decisions and problems arise from that point. A temple near trichy situated in gunaseelam is said to be curing mental illness.The temple is called as sri prasanna venkatachalapathi temple.The temple is 20 kms away from trichy and connected by bus. - visit this link for more details

Sep 6, 2011

Sri Brahadeeswarar Temple - excellent indian architecture

      Temples in India are examples of Indian architecture.There is a temple in Thanjavur called Thanjai periya Kovil.It is built in such a way that the shade of top of  rajagopuram does not fall on the ground.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

 The temple is in pyramid shape.sage chandigeswarar who will be in every siva temple as guard is having largest and separate temple here.Here in place of navagragas navalingam is present.The temple is listed in the list of UNESCO's great living chola temples.

The moolavar is so big as it is 13 feet and 54 feet circumference.The top circumference is 23 feet in circumference.There is the big lingam in world.Ambal is in 9 feet height and nandhi is 12 feet in height. 

 Varahi amman temple here is special as she is one of the saptha maatha and head of ambal's forces.sri raja raja chola's victory lord is varahi amman.Mainly court cases are solved if people pray to varahi amman.Marriage delay, child delay, job issues are also said to be solved if one pray's to varahi amman.


Sep 4, 2011

Etteeswarar Temple - for getting justice

     People who are denied justice from simple problems to court cases believe god will give a justice.There is a temple situated in paiyanoor in chengalpattu taluk in kancheepuram district in Tamilnadu.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

Things that are beyond one's control  is said to be materialised if one prays to the lord here so the name of the lord is etteeswarar .Particularly those who are denied justice in court cases are  said to be given justice if they pray here.The amman here is called as ezilhlar kulali. 

Sep 2, 2011

Sri kambagareshwarar Temple - Remedy for Court cases

In today's world people are often dragged in to court cases even if they don't want it as it is wasting time and their reputation.Some cases would run for years cleaning all valuble time , money and property.For ending all this there is a temple called kambagareshwarar temple.It is situated in a place called Thirupuvanam in Thanjavur district.It is said to be 1000 years old.

 There are several specialities in this temple.Daily saraba homam is done here.Lord sarabeswara is in a separate temple. The idol of the diety is 7 feet in height.If one prays to Lord sarabeswara, one will get remedy from several doshas including graha dosha, dosha in astrology birth chart, thirusti dosha and  problems caused by enemies.Specially court cases that seems to be going for years will come to an end.People with mental illness can get also cured here.  

The ambal is called as Dharmasambarthini.Because she protects dharma.If one prays to her, she will help in reunion of separated couples and child birth.

Lord sarabeswara is a combination of lord siva,vishnu,pratyangira devi and sri durgai.So sarabeshwara is very powerful.One has to light 11 lamps first and come around lord sarabeshwara 11 times for 11 weeks for allover wellness immediately.Rudra abhisegam is also done here.Sunday ragu kalam is beneficial to offer a prayer to Lord sarabeswarar.    


Benefits of Sahasranama archanai to Bairavar

Bairavar worship is simple and special and there are so many easy remedies for major problems in life.

For money related problems one has to do offer vilvam and other good smelled flowers and should do sahasranama archana on friday to Lord Bairavar.
For dosha  related to saturn on saturday noon one has to do sahasranaama archana to Lord Bairavar
For marriage related problems on sunday ragu period one has to do vipoothi abhishegam and sahasranama archana to Lord Bairavar
For child related problems for 6 theipirai ashtami (period after full moon) one has to do sahasranama archanai to Lord Bairavar
For lost properties one has to offer milagu in a lamp with good oil used only for worship and should do sahasranama archanai to Lord Bairavar
For getting victory over enemies one has to do abhishegam, offer javvathu, punugu, food made of ghee, honey and sahasranaama archanai to Lord Bairavar. 


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