Virutcha shastra - Ragu dasa remedies

   If planet ragu is placed in places like 2,7,8 or aspected or cojoined with malefic planets or debilitated planets in one's astrological chart, his life will be difficult during ragu dasa period.

For avoiding or reducing ill effects of ragu, according to virutcha shastra, one has to plant siru nagapoo.The plant has to be planted in public places or temples on the first tuesday of ragu dasa peiod..Before one day of the plantation little bit of unbroken black gram should be immersed in water.After plantation the black gram water should be given to the plant. The black gram should be given to goat.

If siru naga poo plant is not available, vilva tree should be planted in temples of lord shiva. The vilva leaf is so special that it is offered to lord shiva.   


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