Virutcha shastra - Mars dasa remedies

     The Mars dasa is the next dasa that comes after Moon dasa. If Mars is in retograde or in debilitation or placed in places like 6,8,12 or together with malefic planets or in maraka sthana (7th ) place in one's astrological chart one has to plant semmaram (Soymida febrifuga) to avoid bad effects of Mars. If it is not available one can plant Kadukkai maram (Terminalia chebula) .

Before the day of plantation, in a copper vessel little bit of lentils should be immersed in water.The plantation day should be First tuesday of Mars period.The plant should be planted in the morning in mars hora.After the plantation lentils water should be served to the plant. Lentils should be given to goat.


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