Virutcha shasthra - Jupiter dasa remedies

   Jupiter dasa comes next to ragu dasa period. If jupiter is placed in 2,7,or 8th houses from lagna  or debilitated or joined with malefic planets in one's astrological birth chart one has to plant Malai vembu (melia composita)  according to virutcha shastra.It is called மலை வேம்பு in tamil.

Malai vembu plant has to be planted on first thursday of jupiter dasa in the backyard of the house, temple gardens, or  around the public places .Before the day of plantation little peas of chick peas is immersed in water along with a gold ornament.On the day of plantation gold ornament has to be taken separately and after the plantation chick peas water is served to the plant. The chick peas is given to cow. 


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