Thirumangalakudi Mangala Nayagi - Theerka sumangali pagyam

 People who are going to navagraga temples  should go first to a temple called Thirumangalakudi. Lord prananatheswarar along with mangala nayagi bless devotees to get rid from navagraga dosha .This temple serves specially as a parigara sthalam for theerka sumangali pagyam.The temple is situated 2kms from aduthurai  in thanjavur district in north direction.

one has to come 11 sundays to get remedy from navagraga dosham, poorva jenma dosham, puthira dosham and ancestors curse. If one eats the curd rice prasadam for 11 sundays all types of diseases are cured.if one offers curd rice for 11 sundays ill effects caused by planet saturn will be cured.

If one prays to sri mangalambigai for five fridays Mangalya dosha, kalathira dosha will be cured. 


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