Temple for Couples - Krishna - Rukmini - Sathyabama

Lord krishna's birth day is remembered and celebrated as kogulashtami. A krishna temple in ambasumuthiram in tirunelveli district is so special. Idols of Lord krishna along with rukmani and sathya bama is so special in such a way that if a couple wants to live together even in next 7 births, they should offer prayers here to get that bonding fulfilled.Lord krishna is also called as nithya kalyana perumal as rukmani and sathyabama will come together along with lord krishna for karuda sevai, sorga vasal thirapu and theerthavari 

 The temple is also serves as a remedy for navagraga dosha.ambasamuthiram is located on the way to papanasam from tirunelveli.Distance is 35 kms from tirunelveli.The temple is located near ambasumuthiram bus stand.


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