South india's Kasi - Sri Vanchiyam

kasi in north india is so famous as it is said that if one lives his last days in kasi he will not get next birth.Like that there is a temple in south india called sri vanchiyam. It is said that sri vanchiyam had been originated as a suyambu even before kasi, kailayam and srisailam. It is said that sri ganga is purifying herself herself by bathing here in gupta ganga theertham.lord yama is the lord of this place and one has to offer his prayers first to him and then to lord shiva. 

 Bairavar here is called as yoga bairavar. Saturn had got his Eswara pattam here only.This temple is said to be providing remedy from bad effects of saturn. Ragu and Ketu dieties are also seen here as single idol.lord vinayaga is said to be curing stomach aches if he is offered butter abishegam here.

 Separated couples are united if one come and offers prayers to lord siva here. Like kasi , in front of this temple last rites are done and one can offer pindam to himself if he is childless here as it is also done in has to offer pancha dhanam if one's loved one's death is not normal to get their wishes fulfilled.


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