Benefits of navagraha meditation

If one prays to navagraga each planet gives its blessing according to their specialty.

Sun    - If one meditates  sun one will get money, fame and long life 
Moon - If one meditates moon one will get good health and friendship
Mars  - If one meditates mars one will get strong mind and victory
Mercury - If one meditates mercury one will get money and victory
Jupiter -  If one meditates jupiter one will get fame and knowledge
Venus - If one meditates venus one will get good health and mental peace
Saturn - If one meditates saturn one will get fame and long life.
Ragu and ketu - If one meditates ragu and ketu one will get all the things described above.


  1. Mediation is a personal growth, within and out. And the people that practice this (daily) are the ones who are composed, the ones that can think straight and the ones that are relaxed.

    llchi Lee


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