Want to live a fulfilled life - Astrology Shows the way

Every person wants to achieve Big in Life.In one's Birth chart if one worship the Lagna lord, Rasi Lord, Star Lord, Dasa Lord, Bhukthi Lord regularly they will show a unique path to achieve big things in Life.

Consider if one's was born in Viruchiga Lagna, simma rasi ,Maga Nachatra  running Ragu Dasa he has to consider  the Lords of these things as follows

for viruchiga lagna, lagna lord is planet mars-Lord Muruga is the God to be worshipped
for Simma rasi, rasi lord is sun, for Maga Nachatra, the owner of the star is Lord Ketu represented by Lord Vinayaga. As he is running Ragu dasa, he had to worship Sri Durga.

  If he goes to Lord Murugans Temple situated in Hill on Tuesday by following certain fasting like walking to the Temple by Foot, Doing Milk Abhishegam  his problems which are very severe will disappear. Also he has to rise before sunrise, pray to Lord Vinayaga before starting any work everyday and Visit Sri Durga for the all over well being. 

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