Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - Sun bhukti remedies

        Human life is divided in to 120 years and these 120 years are divided in to 9 dasas. Each human being have his starting dasa according to his birth star.People born in stars like krithika, uthiram,uthiradam belongs to the planet sun.For every planet's dasa, the 9 planets have sub periods called as Bhukti.   

 If sun is placed in unfavourable places in one's birth chart, one is affected. virutcha shastra, an ancient science of planting particular trees in public places, Temples  that serve as remedy for every  bad dasa/bhukti.

In sun dasa, sun bhukti is the first sub period.By growing a plant called phyllanthus emblica one can prosper in life during this period.It is called நெல்லி மரம் in Tamil. First little bit of wheat is taken and immersed in water, a day before the plantation of the tree. Plantation should be done on sunday. After planting the tree, the wheat water should be offered to the tree. The wheat should be given to Birds after the plantation of the tree. - link for more explanation about dasa/bhukti .      


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