Virutcha shasthra - Sun dasa - remedies

       For people born in stars krithika,utthiram,uthiradam  that belongs to sun will be having sun dasa as starting dasa. If sun is not in a favourable position in one's astrological chart (1,6,8 and 12), using virutcha shastra, during the sun dasa, one can rectify it by planting a particular tree called Diospyros tupru. In tamil it is called karungali (கருங்காலி).
  Before planting the tree, in a copper vessel little bit of wheat is taken with water in the previous day itself. The next day after sun rise, two karungali plants should be planted and served with wheat water prepared on the previous day. Wheat should be given to cow after planting the tree.As the plant grows by time, problems begun to disappear. - names of stars in different languages will be published here - english names for trees will be found here.


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