Virutcha Shasthra - Arasu and Vembu

   In india, Arasu Tree (Ficus religiosa), Vembu Tree (Azadirachta indica) are the two trees  that are considered as form of god. Installation of idols  of Lord Ganesha and  sivalingam with snakes in the top as umberlla  under the  arasu tree and vembu tree which originate jointly as syambu is common.

 People in india consider this as auspicous and will come around these trees several times. Scientifically this changes the electro magnetic waves in the body of the people who come around the tree, that invokes harmones that stabilizes the body organs to make way for good child birth.Especially the air around the arasu tree is good for health.It has been said if one comes round arasu tree on saturday early morning puthira dosha is cured.

Naturally the tips of leaves of arasu tree and vembu tree are downwards helping to have more ozone in oxygen during photosynthesis.


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