Jul 8, 2011

Temples for 27 Stars

Each human being borns in a nachatra and its called his Jenma Nachatra.. Each Nachatra is having separate temples and if one visits and prays in the temple of his jenma nachatra atleast once a year it is said to be very rewarding for his all well being.The temples are listed orderwise from star ashwini .

1.ashwini - Maruntheeswarar thirukovil-situated in Thiruthuraipoondi- 30 kms from thiruvaur

2.bharani - Agneeswarar thirukovil-situated in Nlladai-on the way to karaikal from mailadudurai via nedunkadu

3.krittikai - Kathra sundareshwarar thirukovil - situated in kancha nagaram - 8 kms from mayiladuthurai to     poombukar

4.rohini - Pandavathootha perumal thirukovil - situated in opposite road where kanchi egambareshwarar kovil is situated

5.mirugasheerisham - Aadhi narayanaperumal thirukovil - situated in 1 km from mugoondanur busstop - 50 kms from thanjavur on the way to thiruvarur.

6.thruvathirai - Abayavartheeswarar thirukovil - situated in athirampattinam- 82kms from thanjavur via pattukottai .

7.punarpoosam- Athitheeswarar thirukovil - situated in old vaniyambadi - 70 kms from vellore to krishnagiri.

8.poosam - Atchayapureeswarar thirukovil - situated in north direction from vilangulam vilaku - 30 kms from pattukottai to rameshvaram.

9.ayilyam - Karkadeshwarar thirukovil - 2 kms from thiruvisa nallore- 11 kms from kumbakonam to suryanar kovil route

10. magam - Magalingeshwarar thirukovil - 2 kms from viralipatti vilaku - 12 kms from thindukkal to nattham route

11.pooram - Sri hari theertheswarar thirukovil -situated in thiruvarankulam - 7 kms from pudukottai to pattukottai route.

12.utthiram - Mangalyeswarar thirukovil - situated in idayatru mangalam - 22 kms frm thiruchi to lalkudi

13.hastham - Kiruba koobacheswarar thirukovil - situated in komal (8 kms from kuttalam) - kumabakonam to mayiladuthurai route

14. chitirai - Chitira ratha vallaba perumal thirukovil - situated in 3 kms from kuruvithurai  - 23 kms from madurai

15. swathi - Thathreeswarar thirukovil - situated in sithukadu - 8 kms from poondamalli to thandukarai route

16. visagam - Muthukumaraswamy thirukovil - 7 kms from thirumalaikovil - 155 kms from madurai to senkottai.

17 anusham - Mahalakshmipureeswarar thirukovil - situated in thirunindriyur - 7 kms from mayiladuthurai to seergali route

18. kettai - Varatharaja perumal thirukovil - 1/2 km from pasupathi kovil - 13 kms from kumbakonam to thanjavur route

19.moolam -Singeeswarar thirukovil - situated in mappedu - 45 kms from chennai koyambedu to thakkolam route

20.pooradam - Agasha pureeswaar thirukovil - situated in kaduveli(4 kms from kallanai) - 13 kms from thanjavur to thiruvayaru

21.uthiradam - Brammapureeshwarar thirukovil - situated in poongudi (3 kms from okkoor- 12 kms from sivagangai to karaikudi route

22.thituvonam-Prasanna venkatesha perumal thirukovil - situated in thirupaarkadal (2 kms from kaveripakkam -20 kms from vellore to chennai route.

23.avittam - Brammananapureeswarar thirukovil - situated in korukai (4kms from magamagam lake west)- kumbakonam to maruthanalur route

24.sathayam - Agnipureeswarar thirukovil - situated in thirupugalur-naannilam to nagapattinam route

25.pooratathi - Thiruvaneshwar thirukovil - situated in ranganathapuram ( 2kms fromagarapettai) - 17 kms from thiruvayaru to thirukattupalli route

26.uthiratathi - Sagasralaksmeeshwarar thirukovil - situated in theeyathoor(21 kms from thrupunavasal)- 40 kms from pudukottai to avudayar kovil route

27.revathi - Kailashanathar thirukovil - karukudi(5 kms from thhathaiyagar pettai)- 40 kms from tiruchi to musiri

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