Jul 2, 2011

Raja yoga simma Dakshinamoorthy - Thirupulivanam

       A siva temple situated in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu state in india is said to be having a special diety called Raja yoga simma dhakshinamoorthy. The name of the temple is sri vyakrapureeswarar temple situated in Thirupulivanam in Kanchipuram district of tamilnadu.The temple is said to be originated 1000 years ago

Lord siva has originated as a syambu lingam with tiger claws on its body.The dakshinamoorthy is in the form of arthanareeswara.Couples who are living separately can worship this siva for living together even the problem is severe to the extent of divorce.

http://astrologicalscience.blogspot.com/2011/07/visit-sri-vyakrapureeswarar-temple.html - details for another temple in the same name situated in Thanjavur district for couples who want to avoid divorce.

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