lamps - light of our life

   In india lighting a ghee lamp is commonly seen in Temples. As sun brings Light, lighting lamps in a particular numbers will get us free from several doshas.
  1. for ragu dosha - 21 lamps
  2. for saturn dosha - 9 lamps
  3. for Guru dosha - 33 lamps
  4. for Sri durga - 9 lamps
  5. for lord siva - 11 lamps
  6. for marriage - 21 lamps
  7. for puthira dosha - 51 lamps
  8. for sarpha dosha - 48 lamps
  9. for kala sarpha dosha - 21 lamps
  10. for kalathira dosha - 108 lamps
Sesame oil or Ghee should be used for lighting lamps.4:30 to 6 AM or PM is very good time for lighting lamps as it is the bramma muhurtha time.

one face of a lamp is lighted for achieving one's goal
two face of a lamp is lighted for family goodness
three face of a lamp is lighted for child birth
four face of a lamp is lighted for money
five face of a lamp is lighted for all round wellness

one has to light lamps in east direction for family welfare, in west direction for clearing debits and  north direction for removing marriage obstacles.One should not light lamp in south direction.

Ghee is used in lamp for achieving goals and wealth.sesame oil is used in lamps for health. Coconut oil is used in lamps for  beauty.Illupai oil is used for victory in everything. Castor oil is used in lamps for fame.Combination of all these will give blessing of amman.

For lord vinayaga - Coconut oil should be used
For goddess mahalaxmi  - Cow ghee should be used
For Kula deivam - Mixture of Neem, illupai and cow ghee
For Bairavar - Sesame oil
For amman - Mixture of  Castor oil, Neem oil, Coconut oil, Illupai oil and Cow Ghee 


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