Girivalam in Thiruannamalai - know the way to get better

Most of us had visited Thiruannamali .Had anyone gone Girivalam in  Thiruannamali ? Arunachalapuranam says you are gifted if you go Girivalam.

   Days of  Sivarathiri, amavasai,pournami are  excellent days for Girivalam.In tamil month of Chittirai (from April 14th), on pournami day one have to start going girivalam. one has to lit Ghee lamp in front of East Gopuram , have to meditate Lord Arunachaleshwara and then have to move forward.One has to finish it in Temple of Lord Narayana.

   Lemon rice, mango rice, coconut rice, sugar rice, curd rice, dhal rice, pongal, puli satham, aval uppuma,wheat uppuma, karuveppilai rice can be distributed to people on the way while going girivalam.

   If one goes girivalam during Tamil month of Vaigasi, one will get relieved from sadness caused by  Lord Saneeswara or planet Saturn.

    If one wants to get rich he has to go girivalam in Tamil Month of Aani, with a child whose age is within 5 years on his shoulders. If one wants to get his children to be very disciplined he has to go aani month Girivalam.If one is affected by pithrudosha he has to go girivalam during the month of Aani.

   If one wants to get their children to be knowledged, he has to go girivalam with his children during the Month of Thai (January 15th onwards).Our Karma is reduced if one goes girivalam in the month of Thai.

   People working in the fields related to Education,Electrical,Atomic,Law will get benefit if they go girivalam in the Tamil Month of Maasi(Feb 15 onwards).Housewives, People having credit money related issues will also get benefit in this month.

   If one has to get a stable and rich life he has to go girivalam in the Tamil month of Panguni. First he has to offer flowers to Lord Lakshana Vinayagar in East Gopuram.Then have to medidate on Thiruannamalai. From there he has to continue his Girivalam silently meditating Lakshmi mantra.From there he has to go to pond of Yama(Lord of death) to take bath. If it is not possible he has to sprinkle the water from that pond in his head. Then he has to offer sambangi flowers to sivalinga that was worshipped by Lord yama. Then he has to get back those flowers, and have to worship Thiruannamalai from that place.On the way of girivalam, if one worships Thriuannamali soon after entering the path in the right side from the Chengam road, it is called Paranjothi Thirumuga Darisanam.If one worships Thiruannamalai form the place of Gubera Linga it is called Vaivasvatha ling muga darisanam.Then he has to complete his girivalam in Temple of Lord Bootha narayana. If one worships like this he will get rich.


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